Social Media

01 — Campaign Overview: Bell Legal Group's Facebook Account

The mission with Bell Legal Groups Facebook account was twofold: first, to boost brand recognition, and second, to establish a robust foundation for acquainting the public with BLG.

  • Foundation Establishment: Beyond recognition, I strived to educate the audience about various legal cases and complex processes. The content strategy included informative posts, engaging content, and real case studies to deepen understanding.  

  • Brand Awareness: The primary aim was to make BLG a recognizable name in the legal sector, solidifying its presence in the digital landscape.

The Result: The efforts in this campaign led to increased brand recognition and a growing online community. BLG became a trusted resource for legal insights and services, bridging the gap between a law firm and a knowledge hub.

02 — Campaign Overview: Vixen Lash

In my role, I spearheaded a successful back-to-school social media campaign that targeted students going back to college classes. This campaign strategically aimed to boost brand awareness while capitalizing on the excitement of the new school year.

Through tailored content and timely messaging, we engaged our audience effectively, resulting in increased brand visibility and loyalty.

This initiative highlighted the importance of audience understanding and dynamic social media utilization, ensuring our brand remained top-of-mind beyond the back-to-school season.